Greek Mythology and Antigone Essay Prompt

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Antigone Essay Prompt #6

Sophocles’ Antigone is a tragedy in which demands of the human psyche create conflict. Taken place in ancient Greek times, characters of the story remain holy to the greek gods. Zeus being the influence of religion, and Aphrodite’s over powering wrath of human instincts ultimitley lead to catastrophe. Throughout the story, Antigone is torn between the rule of the law and the rule of the gods. Antigone deals with conflicts arising from three demands made upon the human psyche: the demands of religion (Zeus); the demands of the state (Thebes); and the demands of the human instincts (Aphrodite).

Religion happens to be a large influence upon Antigone. Because Antigone believes to follow the words of Zeus, she encounters conflict. After her brother Polyneices died, Antigone wishes to bury him so he can reach afterlife. If Antigone decides not to bury her brother, she is disobeying the gods. Antigone states that she is unlikely, “to disobey these laws and so provoke the wrath of heaven”. Knowing her life is at risk to stay holy to the gods, she still follows through and remains true to her own beliefs.

When it comes to the demands of the state, Antigone reaches conflict yet again. The law the ruler practices, states that Polyneices is forbidden to be buried. Creon, the ruler only tolerates devoted obedience to him and his decrees. Creon considers an enemy, an enemy. Not even death will stop his wrath, an enemy of Creon is an enemy forever. This causes conflict for Antigone because the only way she can stay true to herself is by disobeying the state. In the end, human instincts take over Antigone. When it comes to knowing right from wrong, Antigone is able to decifer them. Having large influences from her sister Ismene and her family telling her to listen to the law did not take a toll on her. Disobeying Creon happens to be the only way Antigone can stay true to her beliefs. Her actions cost Antigone her life. She is captured and...
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