Antigone Quotes

Topics: Oedipus, Haemon, Polynices Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: September 22, 2012
1. “But now that they have gone, sharing their double end on a single day” (Creon)
This quote was important because this was the basis for the drama of Antigone. This quote was from Creon referring to Polyneices. He was saying that since Polyneices went against Thebes, that Polyneices will not get buried. If this piece of the book was not said, this drama would not be a drama.

2. “Curse you! Find the love for your outlet down there. No women while I live shall govern me.” (Creon)
This quote reflects Creon’s hubris. At this point of the second episode, Creon was saying that a woman will not control him or his laws. This would show that Creon is not able to admit that he is wrong when he knows it to his people. He feels that he is above everyone and women are inferior to him and to all other men.

3. "See me, divine ancestral Thebes! Cast but a glance, you her princess, on this last and lonely royal scion, see what I suffer from these men for reverencing the rights of man." (Antigone)
This quote shows what Antigone believes. This shows that as Antigone is going to be put on the cave, she sees herself as someone dieing for their beliefs. As a martyr, she thinks Thebes and the terrible king Creon should honor her for doing the right thing for her brother.

4. “Do not be surprised that heaven- yes, and hell- have set the Furies loose to lie in wait for you” (Tiresias)

This quote was response was in response to Creon not believing in his prophecy. Creon kept denying all the wrongs he has done over the course of the drama and Tiresias had it. He told the truth and finally got through to Creon somewhat saying that he will be having a horrible afterlife with Hates.

5. “My mind’s made up. I’ll not be slow to let her loose myself who locked her in the tomb” (Creon)

This quote was in response to Tiresias telling him his prophecy. This frightened Creon because he knew he could be punished as bad as Tiresias had described in the prophecy. This was his...
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