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Deciding to write an essay about success is all about a person perception of the actual word. This is a very broad term and it can apply to a number of different sub topics. Someone could write about how successful they are at work, in school, a hobby of choice or in their family life. With many variations of success, each interpretation of the word is subject to change with each essay that is . written. If this topic was given to 100 people or students, it is highly possible that 100 very different essays and success topics or stories are going to be written. With many examples about success, writers have the ability to get a good jump start or an idea of which direction they should take their own essays. Writers can also use any of the essays that are already written as long as all of the credit is given to the proper people or creators of the initial essay. Essays are mainly used in school for high school students as well as college students, although it is not unheard of someone having to write an essay for the workplace. \ The word success is defined as "the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors". This means that someone has had success if they have accomplished what they have set out to achieve. There are also many forms of the word success; successful is one of the most common forms. This refers to someone who is successful in something that they have done or working to achieve. If someone were to receive straight A's in school or get a promotion at work, they could be thought of as successful. Success essays are very common and most of the time students are given this topic in order to broaden their horizons as well as give themselves a self confidence boost. When writing about one's success story, it is sure to open their eyes as to what they have been successful with and where they are wanting to take that success. More Reference Links:
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