College Success Essay

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In this class, I hope to achieve a lot of different things. I chose to take this class because it would help allow me to manage my time in a wise manner. I’m a senior in high school, and I’m doing this through the Running Start program. After I’ve graduated, I might take online classes, so I’m hoping that this will give me an idea of what that would be like. I have a lot of activities that I’m involved with, so I hope to learn to manage my time better. Honestly, those are probably the only things that I expect to achieve in this class.

I don’t have any questions about this class, it seems fairly straightforward and I know I’ll do well in it. As far as times that I’ll be available, I’m not quite sure. I have a job at Gordon’s, and my schedule isn’t known till a week beforehand. Also, I’m involved in theater and dance. My dance classes are on Friday’s from four to six thirty. Theater doesn’t have a set time at the moment. When they need me there to help, I go and when I’m in a show, I’ll have a schedule to go off of. I’m also in high school classes as well as another college class, so my schedule is very unpredictable. So, I suppose I am fairly concerned about that aspect of it. When I enrolled in this class, I was under the impression that I would do the class in my own time, so I don’t know how I’ll handle meeting times. I’m sure we can work something out, and I’ll try my best to fit everything in. It’s my senior year, I have to be on top of everything.
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