Subway Swot Analysis

Topics: Fast food, Subway, Quiznos Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Brand Recognition: Subway Restaurants are one of the leading submarine sandwich franchises based in the United States. Today Subway has brand recognition in over ninety-two countries having over 33,246 restaurants all over the world. Subway has well established itself as a brand in the fast food industry as one of the healthiest—if not the healthiest fast food restaurants in the United States. Subway is known as a company that offers healthy sandwiches that are much better compared to other food items offered by other fast food chains, such as McDonalds and Burger King. “They have been rated repeatedly as a No. 1 franchise opportunity and DeLuca says that is due to Subway's pledge to build relationships, set goals and listen to customers” (Stover). Marketing Strategies: The marketing and promotional strategies used by Subway further add to the strengths of the company. “In recent years, Subway may best be known for Jared, the advertising face of Subway who lost a great deal of weight, it is said, by eating healthy at Subway Sandwich Shops. In fact, Subway and Jared have now teamed up with the government to fight childhood obesity, opening another page in Subway history” (Stover). The company has also partnered with the American Heart Association to further its image. The effectiveness of this health-oriented campaign is an important part of Subway’s advertising, especially with a large amount of the population in America concerned with obesity. Subway has gained a reputation as a relatively healthy choice in comparison to all of the major fast food chains. At very least, although other companies may offer healthy options, Subway has earned a great reputation of providing healthy fast food meals to the consumer. Affordability: The Company has altered its advertising schemes, menus, and prices for the average day to day person. When one hears Subway, healthy affordable food comes to mind. The five dollar foot longs quickly became one of the...
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