How Has Healthy Living Culture Brought About Changes in Fast Food Industry

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How has the emergence of a healthy living culture in the UK brought about changes in the fast food industry?

Brands, menus and packaging.

As you can see from these two differing Big Mac packages McDonalds has had to change the appearance of its packaging in order to continue to compete with the new healthy living culture. McDonalds now puts full colour pictures of there burgers on the box, so as to give the impression that all the meat and other ingredients in the burger are genuine. By having the very pleasant picture of the burger and indeed the various vegetables used, makes the burger seem fresher and generally healthier. It is not just the burgers that McDonald’s have applied this method to, there original red and yellow French fries boxes will now have a full colour of a peeled potato so as to try and emphasise the use of real potatoes in the fries and take the consumers attention away from the high levels of fat and salt that are used. McDonald’s now also pays a lot of attention to saying that there burgers are made from 100% beef, so as to appeal more to healthier people, and the number of health conscious people has certainly increased with the current emergence of the healthy living culture. Another way that a fast food company has had to change its packaging due to the emergence of the healthy living culture is showing how many calories and levels of fat and salt are in there products. Subway is a relatively new fast food chain (more so in the UK) but is now actually larger globally than McDonalds. Subways healthier image combined with the emergence of a healthier living culture must surely have played a major role in its success. Subway lists all of the ingredients and calories that are in each of there different flavour sandwiches. This is again to try and make the newer, more health conscious person feel more comfortable about knowing exactly what it is that they’re eating. Subway has even gone to the lengths of comparing the...
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