Subway Market Segment

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Cooking Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: February 22, 2013
What market segment (s) seems to be served by Subway? Why do you think so?

Subway seem to be serving mainly young people. It’s positioned as a fast food chain that serves fresh food to it’s target customer mainly comprises of young individuals focused towards healthy diet. Majority of their target customer lies on this age group between 16-39. The tagline “Eat Fresh” highlighting the actual positioning the business has maintained.

There are different segment of young people. First are the people who wants a healthy diet and a cheap meal. The customer in this segment includes young professional or students who would visits during lunch or dinner time. Most of them were busy with their jobs or studies. They wouldn’t have the time to make their own meal. They would prefer to drop by at some fast food restaurant especially Subway as it’s healthy.

Another segment would be people who love to socialize. People would love to hang out with friends, socialize and even meet some new friends. It becomes a habit or lifestyle for young people. They like to try out something new and different. Since that, Subway would be a one of the perfect choice for them as there’s a lot of combination of the ingredients at Subway. Besides, nowadays most of the people enjoying outside food rather than home cooked food. Home cooked food sometimes is just too bored for them. They prefer to just have a drive with mates out and grab some food to cure their hunger. They would love a big meal which is served in Subway.

Moreover there’s another part which I think Subway actually attracts young people. It’s the way how subway served their customer by letting them choose the ingredients they want to put in. Start from the type of bread to the type of meat and vegetables. Lastly the type of sauce. Why do I think this way would attracts more compared to others fast food restaurant is because young people mostly prefer some freedom and flexibility. They like things to be how they want...
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