Subway Business Plan

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As part of our evaluation of your application, please carefully answer the following ten questions. If you have partners that will be on the franchise agreement, please have them answer these questions too. All answers and information you provide will be held in strict confidence.

1) Have you ever owned a business before? If so, how many units? Also, please tell us more about your professional background and education. Please include a current resume or CV.

-CV Attached

2) Provide a detailed description of how you see yourself as a SUBWAY franchisee. List your duties and responsibilities, both short-term and long-range.

-As a subway franchisee I do not see myself as a business owner but as a member of a team that is willing to work hard in order to achieve the goals and targets we set ourselves according to our 5 year business plan. Duties and Responsibilities:

making sure that
-the food we serve is fresh and properly prepared using the correct methods - the service we provide is quick and excellent
- the levels of hygene in the premises are always maintained - the Finances are always in order
- any complaints are properly dealt with should there be any - we take proper steps to ensure that the marketing strategy whether local or national is implemented properly - we run local promotions from time to time to bring more customers in. - the safety at work procedures at properly followed to avoid accidents at work place

3) Provide a summary of your ideas on employee hiring, training, motivating, and management techniques.
-The first step in employee hiring is to recognize the Job Description. With that in hand we can place an advertisement in the local newspaper and media. - we can invite potential candidates to send in their CV's via email to speed up the process - Use a checklist for hiring an employee and when going through the various applications, resumes and cover letters. It helps us systematize our process for hiring an...
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