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Template and instructions for individual study plan

This is a template for an individual study plan for doctoral students at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. It has been produced to facilitate the entering of individual study plans into LADOK. Use of the template is not compulsory; rather it is intended as an aid for those who wish to use it. The study plans must be pasted into LADOK in order to enable the follow-up of the plans and to make them accessible to the Faculty’s directors of studies, education and human resources offices.

After downloading the template, the doctoral student and the supervisor draw up a draft individual study plan with the help of the template. A print-out of the draft is taken to the appraisal, where the plan is discussed. After the appraisal, the doctoral student and the supervisor make the changes necessary. After this, the head of department approves the plan, as long as the doctoral student, main supervisor and head of department are in agreement. When the plan has been approved, the department enters the plan into LADOK. Some of the information also has to be entered into specific functions in LADOK. These functions are indicated in the template. When it comes to the annual updating of the individual study plan, the intention is that the doctoral student and supervisor start with the old completed template and make the changes necessary in that. The result is a new document, which is pasted into LADOK. The original, signed copy shall be kept available in the department. Some fields do not apply to all doctoral students and can therefore be left blank.

In order to enter the plan into LADOK, fill in the template in a word processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word). Highlight the entire document, copy the text and paste it into LADOK.
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