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Topics: Visual communication, Design, Communication design Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: July 6, 2012
Study Plan

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Title: Visual Communication and DesignBackground of the studyVisual Communication is a bridge between an idea and its intended audience. In the fields of architecture, engineering, graphic, industrial and multimedia design, advertising and marketing, cartography and fashion, for example, visual communicators use text and/or image to communicate information. The visual form that the communication takes may be imaginative and original or it may conform to conventions or accepted rules. Visual communication comes in many forms, many of which are designed to entertain through moving images, such as film, television, and video games. Visual technologies such as these have become quite sophisticated, but some forms of visual communication remain primitive by comparison, crudely attempting to deliver information that is far too important to be displayed so poorly. The design process provides a defined, yet flexible approach, to the development, evaluation and refinement of visual communication solutions. Generation and exploration of a range of design concepts related to the brief is needed to be studied more through application of methods, media, material, design elements, design principles and possible presentation formats.Goals• To develop the capacity to create communication solutions through the application of the design process• To be skilled in the analysis, interpretation and understanding of visual communication in its social context• To develop skills in the appropriate selection and application of information and communications technology, media, materials and production methods in the production of visual communications.Methods• Freehand drawing and rendering• Design elements and basic principles• Developing Imagery• Methods for developing visual communication solution• Visual communication assay protocol• Design and analysis...
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