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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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The phenomenal term Information technology always fascinates me. I get amazed by the revolution caused by the development of IT and invention of Internet as World Wide Web. I have been very keen towards the study of Computer Science ever since I was introduced to this subject during my 8th grade in school when internet was merely a household name. My determination to pursue a career in IT became stronger when I joined Bachelors Degree in IT in 2001. During my degree course, I had actively participated in National level IT Conference, IT Workshops and volunteered in the IT Exhibition held in the College. After my graduation, I started to work as a Computer Instructor at a training Institute, Computer Point Nepal. Few months later, I got an opportunity to work as a Software Engineer in a renowned Outsourcing and Off-shoring Company in Nepal, D2HawkeyeServices (currently known as Verisk Information Technology). During my career as Software Engineer, I had few wonderful opportunities to explore my interests and take several training to enhance my knowledge and skill. I worked as a Research Associate in research projects for AJAX Technology. Along with my job responsibilities, I enjoyed writing blogs and got involved in content management for the Company’s website. I have always been interested in learning new technologies and developing my knowledge in IT Sector. I took a long career break after I left Nepal in 2008, due to my family commitments and relocation, but I have always managed to keep myself updated with latest technologies. I took an online course in Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. In July 2011, we moved to Germany for 28 months due to my husband’s posting. While in Germany, I got an opportunity to work as a Training Clerk, basically updating the Military training records in the bespoke Software System. Currently, we are based in Wiltshire and I am enjoying the British environment and making new...
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