Study of Internal Recruiting and External Recruiting

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Study of internal recruiting and external recruiting

In businesses, people are the most crucial resource and every company aims to absorb talented people to fill the vacancies of managerial positions, therefore recruitment has become more and more important as an indispensable part of business. In order to select the highly qualified and competent employees, the enterprise designs a recruitment, which consists of two different methods: internal recruiting and external recruiting. Nevertheless, the number of the vacancies in companies is limited. To find the right people for these particular jobs, employers fill those positions with either internal hires or external hires. In general, existing employees in the firms are selected rather than employing someone outside, on account of their better understanding of the business. Whereas, companies can also use the various types of media to advertise for the recruiting, so that new ideas or changes are brought by the external candidates. Hence, the purpose of my essay is to contrast the difference between both methods. In addition, some related issues will be pointed out to analyze the relationship of them. I believe it can make and offer a contribution into the human resource management study and practice in the future. Internal recruiting

With fierce competition in the employment, recruiting internal has become the most reasonable choice. As a consequence, most companies prefer to hire existing employees. On one hand, it not only can allow company to keep outstanding employees around for the future, but improve the quality of reserve of staff continuously as well. With the result that it becomes an easier and quicker time process, instead of hire someone brand new. On the other hand, another good reason of recruiting internally is that it rewards employees who have spent their most time on hard work in the firms. It also becomes a great way to reward those people who have been the members of the...
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