People and Change Management

Topics: Employment, McDonald's, Fast food restaurant Pages: 5 (1885 words) Published: March 11, 2013
People & Change Management assignment
Learning outcome 3
Module Leader: Cathal Esler
By John O’Flynn

Analyse the elements required for effective recruitment, selection and training within contemporary organisations. In contemporary organisations things work a little faster than the traditional organisation with the pyramid scheme that is used starting with a president, maybe a few vice presidents, layers of management and the majority of employees at the bottom, certain jobs are specialised and authority flows from higher to lower levels. The contemporary organisation is much different from this and it can get quicker ways to move with the times when critical decisions are needed because the information flows to all parts of the organisation and this helps with the internal and external demands. The negative side of contemporary is possibly too many chiefs and not enough Indians where uncertainty about roles causes conflict and this cause problems but specialised training can dissolve this quickly. Types of contemporary organisational structures are the matrix structure, the boundary free organisation and the learning organisational decentralise decision making power. The elements required for effective, selection and training within contemporary organisations is to find the best pool of talent available and this can help employers find the right type of person that is a good match for the company while also developing the talent that is already there. Internal and external recruitment are two examples of recruiting, internal can be quite expensive but it pays off in effectiveness for hiring, internal recruitment can create potential for employees to move up the ladder to advance for personal satisfaction and career wise. It can be easier to attract high quality employees when restructuring jobs. External recruiting consists of posting notices on websites but it might not be the most effective way to recruit but conventions, workshops and job fairs where businesses can gain most recruitment out of these recruitments.

As regards selection, interviewing, employee testing and background checks are the norm for contemporary organisations. Interviewing is a very intimating selection for interviewees, but the interviewer must also be skilled in his questioning especially in what is legal and what is not. The importance of asking thorough questions to the applicant to find the true extent of their commitment, philosophy and knowledge, as their will be a standard list of questions asked so everyone gets treated equally. There are many forms of employee testing that businesses can do to ensure that an applicant is a good fit for the organization and possesses the necessary skills. Some business will require applicants to undergo a physical fitness test, a skills test, a personality test or an aptitude test. Background checks are an important part of the selection process. Some jobs will require criminal background checks, while others will require credit checks. Nearly all jobs will check references and ensure that the information provided on applications is accurate. More than 70% of organisations accommodate recruitment agency services to help fill job positions. In the McDonalds case study, McDonalds had to really go and look at their whole persona where people who ate at their franchise, might never dream or actually think about working there, because in essence it was a job for losers, a person who didn’t have any ambition, any body could cook French fries and burgers. That was pretty much the perception of McDonalds in 1980’s, even in the film coming to America with Eddie Murphy he applies for a job in a Fast food joint called McDowell’s which is in competition with McDonalds and from viewing the film, working in a fast food restaurant is a McJob which is a low end, last resort if I cant find anything else, a McJob will do, this is ironic because according to Larry Light, global chief marketing officer of McDonalds...
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