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Advantages of working in foreign company
Today, working in foreign companies is a tendency because there are many advantages for us. First of all, we will get higher income from high salary and bonus when we work in foreign companies. It gives us a good living condition. Besides that, we will work in a good working condition and working atmosphere, so it is good for us to work well. What’s more is that we will have more opportunities to be promoted. For examples, we have training courses or we can go abroad to study to help our companies be more developed. In sum up, we will have many pros when we work in foreign companies. Advantages of travelling by plane

Nowadays, people can travel by plane, train or ship and car. However, travelling by plane, we will have many advantages. Firstly, it is convenient in buying tickets because we can book tickets by using the internet or calling the services. In addition, travelling by plane is very comfortable with good services. For examples, we are served with comfortable seats, delicious food, drink, and the air attendants are very polite and helpful. Furthermore, saving time is another advantage of travelling by plane. For a long distance, it is the fastest way to go. When we travel by plane we don’t spend much time as we travel by ship or train. There are many benefits for us to travel by plane, and it is a good choice for us to travel. Advantages of using social network such as face book

Nowadays, there are more and more people who use social network such as zing me, face book. In reality, there are a lot of advantages from the social network such as face book. First of all, the face book is a good social network to help us widen knowledge because it always updates new information or posts new things about our major, our life and our world. Secondly, we can make friends with many people in over the world to share feeling, get experiences to live comfortably. Moreover, recreation is another advantage of face book because...
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