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Media and Culture

Jessica Damara Djafar
Media and Culture

A Good Cut Should Come in Big Sizes, Too
As the world today has more awareness of body issues, Nicholas Ghesquiere from Balenciaga admitted that the brand had a size issue. He then change the course of fashion, he made big sizes, petite and tall range, he wanted the brand to be available for any women of all shapes. This is a good example that any other brand should try. Skinny is not applicable anymore in the fashion industry.

YSL Closes Louboutin Court Case
The 18-month feud between the two big brand has finally ended. Another big news for the fashion industry. Now, the trademarked red sole shoes (Christian Louboutin) is safely protected. This article is all about protecting the designs and colors (in this case) from being copied from another brand, which is a fatal part for the fashion industry, since there are so many copycats on the rise now.

Inside New York's $20 Million Model Agency Lawsuit
Working as a model is not a as fun as it looks like. Many models are being work-abused by their agencies. they are not paid as they are supposed to be. This show a human rights violation, a lot of us may not know any of this inside of the fashion industry, however this news shows that even in the fashion world, there is some violation.

Erin Heatherton Defends use of Photoshop
Even though there is a body image issue going around, the Victoria’s Secret model has a contrary mind. Photoshop is the magic tool to airbrush the models’ body to make them appear more beautiful and her work made her root for it. There is still a debate inside the fashion industry about the usage of photoshop, however people should embrace themselves more rather than looking at fashion editorials and frown.

Digital Fashion Week in Singapore
Fashion week is always the week that everyone is waiting for. In 20th-22nd of October, Singapore has its first chance to ever host a digital fashion week. Being able to participate in such a big monumental event is a really good opportunity for the fashion industry in Singapore.

Brad Pitt Chanel Ad Makes Little Scents
It is a big thing for Brad Pitt starring as the Chanel No.5 perfume ad, as it is the first for a man to star the ad. However, many people and the fashion industry do not take any message from the Chanel advertisement. They say it is a ridiculous and make fun of it by making spoof video.

Celebrities and Cyberbullying
People think that celebrities are living their lives to the fullest, but it is not as happy as you imagine. A lot of them are being bullied via twitter. Nowadays, social media is being misuse by the public. It is not the media to bully people, it is a networking media.

Chanel Says no to E-Commerce
E-Commerce is now a trend within the fashion industry. A lot of big brand is opening their official online shop for their consumer. However, the niche brand (Chanel) says no to it. It is easier for accessing their goods, but the CEO wants the consumer to directly fit to their clothes, as they want it to be perfect for their beloved customers.

Dior Ad Banned in Britain
Again, another news about body issue. This time Dior is being accused for an overuse of Photoshop. Their latest mascara ad is banned from Britain because they do not want the British people to overexpect the Dior product. However, don’t want to cause a scene, Dior pull out their ad from Britain. This issue does not apply to only Dior, many other big cosmetic brands like L’Oreal and Maybeline also has faced this kind of problem.

Celebration of Maison Martin Margiela for H&M
The long-awaited collaboration is finally here. The launch party was held across floors of a historical building. Guests were able to discover the collection in dance performances. This event not just like any other event, this is so far the best H&M collaboration launch party! The guest will never expect what kind of surprises waiting...
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