Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Music Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Final Exam Study Guide
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What are the seven elements of music and identify them;
Tempo-(speed), Melody-(tune), Dynamics-(range), Rhythm-(beat), Form-(how its composed), Meter-(organization), Harmony-(flow) Composers
Be able to give appropriate stylistic periods, identify major works as listed in the book for each and notable innovations (i.e.- Bach was considered a master of the cantata form, Hildegard von Bingen wrote chant music) * Hildegard von Bingen- medieval/ O successors/ first woman composer * Mozart- Classical/ Don Giovanni/ He wrote masterpieces in his time * Beethoven- classical/ Symphony no. 5/ influenced composers throughout the 19th century * Vivaldi- baroque/ The Four Seasons/ he was a violin teacher for a school for orphaned or illegitimate girls * Haydn- classical/ The creation/ he played a big role in improving the string quartet and symphony * Machaut- medieval/ Puis qu’en oubli/ first important composers whose works survived * J.S. Bach – baroque/ Concerto in No. 5 in D Major/ gave the harpsichord its first solo * Handel- baroque/ Messiah/ he wrote a number of brilliant operas * Brahms- nationalism/ symphony no. 3/ he was a romantic that breathed new life into classical stylings * Schubert- romantic/ Erlkonig/ he didn’t mingle with aristocracy * Tchaikovsky- nationalism/ Romeo and Juliet/ most famous Russian composer * Dvorak- nationalism/ From the new world/ was a leading composer of nationalistic music * Verdi –nationalism/ Rigoletto/ was famous for his operas * Puccini- nationalism/ La Boheme/ created some of the most best loved operas * Schoenberg- 20+ Expressionism/ A survivor from warsaw/ developed the 12 tone system * Babbit-

* Gershwin – 20+/ Rhapsody in blue/ wrote jazz and orchestral works * Copland – 20+/ billy the kid/ famous American folklore composer * Joplin-20+/ ragtime music/ famous for ragtime music...
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