Students Participation in Co-Curricular Activities Has Not Been Encouraging

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Group Discussion| October 29
John Cheok, Wai Wai and Sin Ping| Sorry, If your name are typed wrongly and please voice out if you have any problem. TQ|

John: Well, we shall discuss our task given to us by Ms. Low today. So do you have anything to bring up? WW: Sorry for the interruption, but I did not pay attention during English class last week. Do you mind to explain what are we supposed to discuss? John: Everyone in the class is divided into groups and we are supposed to discuss the question that are given and present it to the class. WW: I’d appreciate it if you could enlighten me further on the question given. SP: Wai Wai, the question given to us is about students participation in co-curricular activities has not been encouraging. We are must discuss the reason and implications and not to forget, the ways to overcome it. John: I’m glad someone actually listens in class. Co-curricular activities are non-academic activities that are conducted in schools or colleges. Furthermore, the objective of these activities is to help prepare the physical strength and mental state of students. These activities may vary from football to public speaking. WW: From my point of view, these activities help the students a lot, so I can’t understand why are their participation discourage? SP: In general, college students have not enough time. They have to juggle around with many things. Students not have many lecture and tutorial classes to attend. For example, I finished my lecture at 10am, my next tutorial class is at 10.30 and I have to race all the way to the class that is situated so far. Let alone co-curricular activities, I don’t even have enough time to finish up my homework. John: I think we share the same opinion on this matter, there are so many assignments that I have to pass up. And the deadlines are all right next after the previous. I don’t think 24 hours for a college student is enough. I think I need 30 hours a day to join a co-curricular...
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