Students Grade Monitoring System

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Students Grade Monitoring System

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Information Flow

The flow of the information of the current system starts during the enrollment period. It started when the student get his pre-registration form at the (OSA) Office of Student Affairs. A pre-registration form is an early registration form to be filled up by the student, especially by college students, which is to be taken before the general registration or before receiving the final registration form that is given by the registrar after encoding.

Then, the students will fill up all the data that the pre-registration form requires to be filled. The fields that must be filled up are the following: the complete name of the student, student number, course, and year level, what particular semester he is enrolling (if first semester, second semester, or summer) and the school year. The student needs to input all the catalog number of the subjects he had already taken before, the description of the subjects, the total number of units per subject, the previous section and the professors assigned to those subjects, and the grades he gained per subject whether it is passed or failed. Together with this, the student is required to input the catalog number of the subject to be taken, as well as its description, the total number of units that complies with the curriculum they are using. After this, the grades of the student will be verified by the Guidance if the students have failing grades or not.

If the student does not have a failing grade, he will proceed to the department chair for the advisory that he is qualified to enroll all the subjects that he listed in the pre-registration form. If he already achieved all requirements needed, the department chair will total all the units that he has been listed in the registration form and write the date when it is being signed that you are allowed to proceed to the next process, the encoding section. If it is already signed, you are qualified to enroll those subjects and you have already taken all the pre-requisites required. Pre-requisites are the subject/s that you must enrolled first to be able for you to enroll the preceding subject/s.

If the student receives a failing grade/s, he needs to log at the log sheet for the students who had a failing grade/s, and after that, the student can now precede to the department chair for the advice if you are allowed to take the subjects you are written in the pre-registration form. A log sheet is similar with what we called log book, the difference is that one log book contains data of different students coming from different courses or department, while the log sheet is more simplified. One log sheet only contains one course or department, and different log sheet for another course or department. The log sheet had different columns to be filled up: the Name of the student, the student number, the year level of the student, the subject/s he failed, the units per subject, the total number of units failed, and the total number of units enrolled. This data will be kept and sorted by the guidance department so that it is already arrange when this data are handed-over to the desired receiver which is the dean of each department. After logging in the log sheet, the student is now allowed to proceed to the next step. The student will now approach the department chair for the advice that anything he had listed in the pre-registration form is correct or there must be changes to be made.

If the results show that particular students fail more than 50% of the subjects he enrolled last semester, the student’s pre-registration form will be hold by the Guidance Department, and the Guidance...
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