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Executive Summary
As social media has grown, the amount of virtual communities (VC) and consumer-generated contents have increased and established its power. This provided marketers so many opportunities and advantages to convey their marketing survey or to plan and implement marketing strategies. However, due to enormous amount of data and various possibilities to use this marketing tool, it has become great mystery for some businesses how they can use it wisely. Issues can be seen when some marketers cannot make appropriate decisions related to its purpose of marketing campaign or core values of the businesses.

Hence, This report examines how companies use this one of the most powerful social media, Facebook with a case study of an apparel company, Lorna Jane. This company has succussed operating their Facebook page since they commit to make efforts to engage with their customers rather than push to sell their products too much. This paper reveals their effective strategies such as:

• To appeal their cultural side or their company messages to invite consumers’ agreement and enhance its community. • To respond to customers action on Facebook on real time when needed so that they will not miss the opportunity to increase customers interactions. • To encourage consumers to be actively involved in their Virtual community (VC) so that they can offer them satisfaction.

Through these findings above, this report finally proposes three recommendations which can be applied to small businesses as follows.

(1) Marketers should encourage consumers to be actively involved in the community. (2) Marketers should grow loyal ambassadors from the brand's Facebook devotees. (3) Marketers should set clear objectives, which are effective to Facebook marketing.

Firstly, it has proved that marketers need to provide useful information or fun contents in advance so that they can offer them enough satisfaction and obtain their trust. This first step is crucial and marketers would realize that planning and offering good brand experiences at this stage is rewarding enough when following these recommendations.

What marketers should do as the next step is to lead and motivate those participants in VC. When first recommended task was completed, consumers tend to be ready to offer some positive activities for the business in return. Hence, it is recommended for companies to deliver them appropriate information with some added value in it. This added value would be incentive for these ambassadors. The more positive things they say and spread, the more good results would be rewarded to marketers.

Lastly, this report warns marketers to be carefully conscious to their marketing strategies and its goal. Since consumer-generated contents are one of the most important elements for Facebook, it is not always easy for businesses to conduct their plan toward its goal. Although, when these difficulties are overcome, Facebook marketing would be more rewarding for many of businesses. Successful CRM strategy on Facebook marketing should be consumer centric, transparent yet marketers driven.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Facebook 5

1.2 Facebook and small business5

2. Case Study
2.1 Overview of Lorna Jane6

2.2 Investigation and analysis of

Lorna Jane’s Facebook page6

3. Discussion
Discussion of consumer trust,
Market and media fragmentation,
and Connection through social networks11

4. Recommendations11
4.1 Active involvement of participants6

4.2 Loyal ambassadors from the community6

4.3 clear objectivesto drive business6

5. Conclusions 15


1 Introduction

1. Facebook
This report is based on a research and analysis...
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