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´When Your Colleague Is a Saboteurµ

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When Your Colleague Is a Saboteur


Brief Summary
Part I: Comments
 Maggie Craddock
 R. Dixon Thayer
 Deborah Kolb

Part II: Case Analysis

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Bri f summ ry
Mark Landstad, a newly hired manager who is relatively new to CliffBank's investment banking division, has a teammate, Nicole
Collins, who appears to be a reliable partner whom he feels
most comfortable to ask for help. However, when Mark
needs her help in finding important information and figures
of his predecessor¶s research for his part of a presentation they are doing together, she ignores and acts as if she doe
not know anything about those information. Mark prepares
and does presentation slides all week alone in order to come up with the current acquisition strategy of Millhouse. He
could not contact Nicole as well because she was at China
and could not be reached until Monday morning which is
the presentation day. Mark thinks he would ask Ian, a
friend who is the head of corporate strategy at Millhouse,
for help but he finally stops that idea.
On the presentation day, Mark talks to Nicole again about the M illhouse file but
Nicole replies as if she does not know where the file is. Mark then points out that he sent the slides to her previous night and asks if she could check before presenting. During the meeting, Nicole produces the data to the attendees wi h her analysis. She comes up with the t

Millhouse information which is supposed to be in the file Mark is looking for. All questions arise in his mind: why did she have it and why doesn¶t she share it with him? Later, the boss assigned Mark to get more insight on what is going on politically at Millhouse. Mark feels uncomfortable calling Ian, still he decides to call Ian and asks for setting up a lunch with him in order to talk about the issue. However, it turns out that Nicole has already approached Ian by e-mail. Now, Mark is curious that Nicole is withholding some information from him and goes behind his back. Mark decides to discuss directly to Nicole of what happened in the meeting and about the conversation he had with Ian. Mark directs: ³so it¶s about grabbing most of the credit, is it?´ Nicole turns out laughing and answers, ³Most of the credit? I¶m trying to grab all of the credit!´ Nicole tells Mark that there is no way he can meet Ian without her because she has been working for Millhousefor a long time. Mark does not know what to do next. He tries to

confront the problem himself but it does not work. Mark
then decided to talk directly to Paul. Mark states that he
needs some perspective on working with Nicole and asks
for permission if he could shut the door. Paul answered
that they have an open-door policy there but Mark can shut
the door if he would be more comfortable. Mark goes on
describing about Nicole¶s presentation but Paul interrupts
by saying, ³Would you like me to speak with her?´ Mark
later says that it will not be necessary to do that but he only wants Paul to know. However, Paul does not care much
about the matter because he only looks at the result.



When Your Colleague Is a Saboteur



Maggie Craddock
i t presi ent of Workpl e Rel tionships,
M iC
an executi e coaching firm in New York. She is also on the facult of Wharton¶s Advance Management Program at the Universit of
Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Maggie points that people acquire power in different ways from their experiences with authority in their family. In her company, she identifies all workers in four personality types...
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