Topics: Ötzi the Iceman, Bolzano, Copper Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Died: 3255 BC
Born: 3300 BC
Height: 1.65m
* It is believed that Otzi may have led a life that included long walks over a terrain comprised of many hills. * Otzi may have been a shepherd living in an environment with a high altitude * Otzi lived in the Valle Irsarco which runs from north to south from the Alps it was suggested that he was a Shepard or a hunter as he carried weapons with him * In samples taken of Otzi's hair, high levels of copper particles and arsenic were found. Scientists thought that he may have been involved in copper smelting possibly as part of his living. The copper axe that Otzi was found with was composed of 99.7 % pure copper. HOW DID OTZI DIE?

When scientists were analysing new X-rays, they noticed a foreign item lodged in Otzi's left shoulder. Detailed investigations showed that it was a flint arrowhead. It is likely that Otzi died as a result of this wound. On close examination of the left side of Otzi's back, Eduard Egarter Vigl discovered a small skin wound. The wound opens into a narrow channel leading into the interior of the body. The arrowhead created a 2-cm-wide hole in the left shoulder blade the arrow punctured a major blood vessel and damaged the neurovascular fascicles of the left arm, which would have caused heavy bleeding and possibly paralysis of the arm. The Otzi probably bled to death in a couple of minutes. Otzi was also a victim of whipworm, which is a parasite that attacks the intestines. CT scans also revealed that three or four of his right ribs had been compressed most likely from his lying-down position after death or perhaps from the weight of the ice, which could have crushed his body. Thanks to finding the only remaining fingernail belonging to Otzi, researchers saw three Beau's lines. Running in a horizontal pattern, Beau lines that were side to side on the fingernail in deep grooves. They look like indentations or ridges...
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