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100 Ideas For Your Student Council
School Events
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Arm Wrestling: Hold an all school arm wrestling competition. You can have boys against boys, girls against girls, or coed. It could be a money maker by charging people to enter. Don't forget prizes!

Basketball Tournament: You could do three on three, teachers vs. students, or teachers vs. teachers of a rival school.
Beach Party: Rent a swimming pool or hold a party at a nearby lake. Play games like volleyball and other "beach" sports, hire a DJ, and don't forget the food!
Bonfire: Promote school spirit by holding a bonfire. Roast marshmallows, have camping games, and sing songs.
Car Smash: Raise money by getting an old car and charge people to hit it with a bat. You could also write things on the bus like drugs or a rival school.
Coffee House With Open Mic/Poetry Reading: Involve your diverse students by having a coffee house. Set up a mic and bongo drums and allow students to share their famous or personal songs and poetry. Don't forget the coffee and hot cocoa!

Costume Contest: Encourage students to dress up for Halloween by holding a costume contest. Set up catwalks for people to walk down and model their stuff.
Country Line/ Square Dancing Night: Have a hoe down dance and hire country line dancers to show your school how to do it. Reduce admission price for people that dress western.
Cow Plop Bingo: Make a huge bingo grid with 40 squares on your football field. Sell each square for $10. Spread out hay and let a few cows roam around and eat for a while. After an hour or so, the square with the most "cow essence" wins the entire $400.

10. Hot Legs Contest: Take pictures of boys and teachers' legs and post them in the cafeteria. People guess whose legs the pictures belong to.
11. Jello Wrestling: Girls vs. girls and guy vs. guy wrestling contests. Fill a "ring" with jello and make a bracket so teams can wrestle until there is a winner. Don't forget to get parent permission slips and regulate wrestlers' dress codes.12. Karaoke Night: Hire a DJ with the proper equipment to hold a karaoke night. Award prizes for best singer, worst singer, and other fun prizes.

13. Lost and Found Fashion Show: Eliminate the problem of lost and found items by holding a fashion show with people wearing lost clothes. Hold an auction afterwards so people have to pay to get their clothes back.

14. Movie Night: Hold an all school movie night with a theme. For example, watch a football movie on the football field or watch "Jaws" in the swimming pool.
15. Mr./Miss _______ High: Have a fun scholarship program. Students can nominate students to be in it and narrow down the top ten with essays, student interviews, and talents. Get donations from local businesses for prizes.

16. Music Fest: Audition the talented Students in your school to be in a musical talent show.
17. Powder Puff / Peach Fuzz Sports: Mix things up a bit by having girl football games or guy volleyball games.
18. School Lock-in: Welcome the freshman by having a lock-in or have an all school lock-in. Play games, have a treasure hunt, etc.
19. Wednesday Night Live: Hold a variety/talent/comedy show and invite any students to audition. Model the show after Saturday night live, but if you must, change the day of the week.
20. What Would You Do For A Klondike?: For this event, make students and teachers do embarrassing things and reward them with a klondike bar. This event is very good for an assembly.
21. Sumo Wrestling: Rent the huge sumo outfits and hold wrestling competitions at your school.
22. Survivor: 16 contestants qualify through preliminary events. For 16 hours,...
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