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Topics: Self-esteem, Conceptions of self, Self image Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Other Ways to Build a Strong Self Image
By Sydnee Burns

Developing and creating a positive self-image can be a tough challenge for a lot people but it is always possible. Building self-esteem is a constant battle in the age of always feeling: "behind the times", "not pretty enough", "not rich enough", "not smart enough" etc. Self-image is how we perceive ourselves, and it is evolved over time based on experiences in our life. It can be positive or negative and will always have a large impact on our success and happiness. Skills that are needed to help accomplish the goal of building a positive self-image are determination and focus. By building a positive self-image, we can see and believe how our actions will make a positive difference in the world. By following the instructions below we can develop a strong self-image that we will need to be successful in our lives.

First of all, let go of self-defeating thoughts that come into our heads. Make our minds the ally and not the enemy. Every time we think of negative thoughts about ourselves, just stop them. We need to train our minds to replace our negative thoughts with positive ones. Practicing this habit will build a strong self-image over time since we will think more of ourselves as worthy and valuable rather than insignificant.

Next, make lists of our assets. List down everything we have, both physical and mental attributes, which make us, feel happy and good. Then refer to our lists every single day and be thankful for all that we do have. Each of us is unique and we have something in us that other people don't have. Be very specific in our lists and pay attention to how we feel when we write them down. We will be surprised how many things we have overlooked over the years that hold the key to building up our self-esteem.

Also, stop the bad habit of dwelling on our past mistakes and failures. Give ourselves a break! Decide to see the good things that happen and acknowledge the...
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