Positive Self Picture

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Week 1- TBLS Discussion:
“How do you think positive messages could impact a person’s self- picture, outlook, and behavior?”

In life, anything that reflects a positive result will most likely be repeated. If I approach something in a positive manner, I then set the stage for a positive outlook from the beginning and the result is then positive. Having a positive self- picture results when you believe in yourself, whether it be relating to friends, school, work or whatever else you face in life. When one has a positive self- picture, their outlook as well as their behavior will be reflected in a positive manner.

For example, if someone has a job interview, of course it is natural to be nervous. If that person stresses out about the interview and is telling him/her-self that they are going to do horrible and probably not get the job anyways, then most likely that will be the outcome. The reason being that if this is the “outlook,” they go in with, which is very negative, then their behavior will be directly impacted in a negative manner, affecting their interview, therefore resulting in a negative outcome, which would be to not get offered the job. The same can be explained the other way around. If that same person believes in him/her-self, they have a sense of confidence that they can do this and go in to the interview with a much more positive attitude, therefore resulting in the positive outlook and positive behavior in the interview, and most likely the positive outcome of the interview as well.

Overall, positive thinking results in positive everything. Not only does it make you a more confident person, but happier and it directly reflects to those you interact with every day. If your outlook is constantly negative, it will also directly impact you daily. Negative self- picture reflects negative attitude which does not accomplish anything. Nobody likes to be around someone who is constantly negative, so not only does it affect how you feel overall...
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