Strikes: A Debate on the Frequency and the Reason of Occurrence

Topics: Agriculture, Strike action, Trade union Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: May 2, 2013
It is a common consensus that the issue on the demonstration of strike is becoming increasingly a central issue as the democratic principles continue to progress and evolve in our current society. There are diversity of view that concern the act of labor strike, and some prominent aspects embedded in the demonstration of strike come to raise some questions. The debate on both the frequency and the reason of the occurrence of strike in various working environments is significantly the most controversial challenge of the issue.

Strikes have long been the means of achieving potential benefits; mainly in the appeal for better working conditions or in hope of gaining financial profits. Along with the capitalistic upheaval, it is firmly rooted to the minds of the public that one should attain the justifiable outcome that corresponds with the amount of work put in. For a clear glimpse into this, we can take the case of the recent taxi union’s refusal to operate taxi business in Korea. The taxi cooperation along with the assigned drivers went for strike to pursuit desirable conditions. Despite the increasing cases of strikes in certain industries over the recent decades, the frequency of strikes in agricultural and service industry is significantly limited. At the whole, it is conclusive that both industries share the similarity of not occasionally demonstrating strikes but the fundamental reasons for portraying this manner lie in distinctively different aspects. It is evident that strikes serve massive influences on the overall community. However, some factors seem to be building barriers around them and hence prohibiting liberal practices of strikes.

As mentioned prior above, both the service and agricultural businesses are careful upon going for a strike. It is undeniable that there is an exceedingly important correlation between strike and economy. As strike promotes both positive and negative influences on the overall society, it may become necessary to...
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