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Topics: Strike action, Trade union, Employment Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: February 13, 2013
During the Gilded Age, in the end which would be from 1875-1900 it was an era of prosperity and poverty. It is often remembered by the lifes of those like the Rockefellers and Carnagies, while the other majority of the people were working class. However, the movement towards organized labor was unsuccessful in improving the position of workers because of the failure of strikes, the superiority feeling employers had over employees and most importantly the lack of governmental support. Therefore the movement toward organized labor was unsuccessful. If unions were going to work, striking would have to be effective, but they weren't. In the 1860's, the National Labor Union or NLU was formed by David Davis to unite workers in fighting for higher wages, an 8 hour work day and better working conditions, this set the stage for many failing unions to come. In 1877, railroad workers in this union took part in an enormous strike, The Great Railroad Strike, that resulted in mass violence across the country with not much impact made. Afterwords, an editorial in The New York Times talked about how the strike was hopeless, it was an act of resentful men. (Document B). With this failure, things such had come to a stop, however, year after year, strikes were breaking and little was being done in the workers favors. In 1892, workers at the Homestead Steel Plant near Pittsburg walked out on strike, The Homestead Strike, that cost the lives of at least two Pinkerton detectives and one civilian, among many other laborers deaths (Document G). The violent acts at Homestead failed to gain rights and since non-strikers were killed it led people to think of laborers in a negative way. Even though Unions formed to be effective in demanding for less hours and higher wages, the strikes formed didn't change much. Hours and Wages Of Industrial Workers had only very little improvement, during the 1860-1875, about 15 years there was a drop in the wages, during 1880-1891 there was in...
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