Stress Busters

Topics: Thought, Anxiety, Soul Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: January 22, 2011

1. Always remember that God is in charge of the Universe. He is the controller of individuals and nations. And nothing can ever wrong. 2. Life is full of joy to the man who think positively and speaks positively. 3. See that your face always wears a smile; smiles and tension can never go together. Whenever you feel tension mounting up, just smile; you will break the force of tension. 4. Faith is seeing with the eyes of the heart. The man of faith, therefore, rejoices in everything as it comes to him and moves on- ever onward, forward, God ward! 5. Never carry the tension of one moment to another. Has someone harmed me? Has someone spread scandals against me? Has someone behaved rudely towards me? Let me forget it all, thinking of the unity of all life. 6. This is the secret of the truly stress-free man- he walks with God today and trusts Him for tomorrow. 7. In this transitory world, only the present moment belongs to you. The moment that is just over is no longer yours. The moment to come may not belong to you at all. The present moment is best utilized not in worrying over what may have happened or what is yet to happen, but in praising God for the joy of living with Him. 8. The man who has faith in God is released from the bondage of fear- for fear is a child of unfaith and is constant source of stress. 9. Never get upset, irritated or excited. Never lose your temper. Peace of mind is your richest treasure. Let nothing, no one take it away from you! 10. In all conditions of life, let us thank the Lord! Let us make it habit-to praise the Lord at every step, in every round of life! In the midst of fear and frustration, worry and anxiety, depression and disappointment, let these words come out of the very depths of your heart-“thank you, God! Thank you God!” 11. In every situation, do the very best you can and leave the result to the Lord. 12. God is our Friend- the friend of all friends, the one Constant,...
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