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Explain The legal status and principle of the relevant early years framework, and how national and local guidance materials are used in setting.

The first and main principle of the EYFS is to achieve the five outcomes of the ECM of staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a contribution and achieving economic well-being.

Since September 2008 England has introduced a statutory curriculum for children aged 0-5 years who are being cared for education outside of their homes. The framework therefore applies to child minder, after school clubs, nurseries and schools regardless Of how they are funded. In addition to the education programme that is defined, the Early Years Foundation Stage also combines the welfare requirements.

Structure of the education programme

Structure of the education programme

* Personal Social and Emotional Development
* Communication Language and Literacy
* Physical Development
* Creative Development
* Knowledge and Understanding of the World
* Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy


Children are assessed at the end of the reception year. It is class teacher’s responsibility to complete an early year profile which comprises thirteen different scales that link to the early learning goals from the areas of learning. There is one example.

Social Development
1. Play alongside others
2. Builds relationships through gestures and talks
3. Takes turns and shares with adults support
4. Works as a part of a group or class taking turns and sharing fairly. 5. Forms good relationships with adults and peers.
6. Understand that there needs to be agreed values and codes of behaviour for groups of people, including adults and children, to work together harmoniously. 7. Understand that people have different needs, views, cultures, and beliefs that need to be treated with respect. 8. Understands that he or she can expect others to treat her or his needs,...
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