Stress Among Women in an It Industry with Reference to Chennai City

Topics: Information technology, Occupational safety and health, Occupational health psychology Pages: 37 (6932 words) Published: November 7, 2011


Information technology industry has become one of the most robust industries in the world and it has become an integral part of every major global industry. The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA)explain the information technology as ”encompasses all possible aspects of information systems based on computer “.

The Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has given a call to make India an information technology super power and one of the largest generators and exporters of software in the world within ten years. The Government has given the red-carpet treatment to this industry.

The major sectors which have witnessed a special thrust for adoption of information technology are Government administration , Insurance , Banking , Energy , Financial institution , Defence , Ports , Customs , Telecommunication ,Education and also individuals.

Chennai, the state capital of Tamil Nadu, has become one of the second largest software exporting state in India.

In the modern world the work of a women in an IT industry has become increasingly challenging, complicated, strenuous and stressful. There has been rapid industrialization in India and abroad. Industrialization means “a social and economic revolution in the culture of a nation “.

As the firms, industries and companies increase the questions regarding the safety of the women, health hazards and occupational hazards have also been increasing. Women in IT industries have develop work stress and strain.

Researches define stress as a physical, mental or emotional response to events that causes bodily or mental tension. Simply put, stress is any outside force or event that has an effect on our body or mind.

Stress, depression and hypertension have now become extremely common among all outsourcing IT industries (software, BPO and KPO). Stress can lead to many health problems like sleeping disorder, anger, headaches, diabetes, fatigue and obesity. This is gradually transforming into a major health concern in India and especially during the times of economic depression when job security is doubtful, these concerns increase drastically.


When software industry first started gaining momentum in India starting 1995-2000, everyone thought that IT industry is the best career option for Engineers and MBA’s. Unfortunately everyone started jumping in the IT bandwagon. From year 2000-2009, India saw a large number of new Engineering colleges popping up everywhere producing thousands or lakhs of new software engineers. Most of the IT companies now- a- days try to take maximum “Juice” out of the candidate. Even though the official working are 8-9hrs per day, its usually much more because of unrealistic deadlines set by managers. Additionally many individuals work on weekends to meet those deadlines and make their managers happy for a better raise and job security.


Individuals including women, sit in their cubicles for hours without break which is not only bad for their backs and joints but also for their eyes and physical fitness. These individuals can often suffer from cardiovascular disorders, aliments and even spondylosis. Stress also encourage individuals to eat unhealthy food (like delicious fast foods) because they temporarily provide us pleasure.


Although women are very hard working, the fact is that we all are sitting on a thin ice. What if rupee become stronger against Dollars, Euro and Pounds; it will be huge blow to the entire service industry of India because cost of outsourcing will suddenly become much more and we might see out IT jobs further outsourced to cheaper destination like Vietnam and China.

Wish I really know the future of...
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