Do Women Experience More Occupation Stress Than Men?

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Do working women experience more occupational stress than men or just more occupational stressors? [Name of the writer]
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Executive Summary

Examines the sources of stress affiliated with male and female retail managers, a part identified as being hectic and where women are more likely than in other occupational parts to be managers. Self-completed questionnaires were circulated to males and females at various grades of retail management. The outcome verified the two study hypotheses: male and female managers described alike job stresses, in specific from “work overload”, “time pressures and deadlines”, “staff shortages and turnover rates” and “long employed hours”. furthermore, female retail managers were more expected than their male counterparts to bear from added stresses initiated by sex discrimination and prejudice. The conclusion of these stressors can assist to organisational deficiency, ultimately damaging the status of the company. Retail companies that effectively undertake the topic of work-related stress will be better equipped to contend with the cost of change within the retail environment.

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The end of the twentieth years witnessed the development in the number of women going into career-oriented and expert areas and this produced in their advanced participation in administration positions. although, administration places still stay the maintain of males (Wajcman, 1996) and as a outcome most feminine managers are found in smaller grade places with less administration and less pay (Morrison and von Glinow, 1990), often in the service sector (Wilson, 1994). vocation idea is entrenched in male values (Dalton, 1989) and most occupational environments are more conducive to men’s achievement than women’s (Tharenou et al., 1994). Early theories of women’s development presumed they were just like men, and consequently, when they did not fit the male-based ideas, they were regarded as deficient and negatively assessed which, in turn, decayed their self-assurance (Bailyn, 1989) and curtailed future advancements (Gallos, 1989). This paper identifies the causes of tension affiliated with female managers compared with their male equivalent within the retail sector. This area was selected because retailing and administration occupations have been recognised as very hectic occupations (The Sunday Times, 1997) and until recently it has been a neglected locality for stress study (see Lusch and Serpkenci, 1990; Lusch and Jaworski, 1991; Wolken and Good, 1995; Moyle, 1997; Broadbridge, 1998b, 1999, 2000; Broadbridge et al., 1999). Retailing has furthermore been recognised as a part where women are more expected to be managers than in other occupational parts (Davidson, 1985; Davidson and Cooper, 1992; Hammond and Holton, 1994), whereas farther analysis identifies that they are concentrated in smaller grade rather than senior administration positions (Broadbridge, 1996, 1998a). therefore the sector presents an interesting comparison to consider whether gender dissimilarities in described grades of job tension arise in an natural environment where women have evidently more possibilities than in other parts to be managers. If alike stresses are described by male and feminine retail managers, this assists to an comprehending of what makes a job in retail administration very stressful. If feminine retail managers report added stresses, this would contribute to a publications which finds women’s added stresses from the stresses of them vying at an occupational grade overridden by male standards and norms.

Research Hypothesis
This led to two study hypotheses to be...
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