Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

Topics: Decision making, People Pages: 26 (7155 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Talent (a natural way of thinking, feeling, or behaving) * Investment (Time spent practicing, developing your skills, and building your knowledge base) = Strength (the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance)

* We cannot be anything we want to be-but we can be a lot more of who we already are! *
* (Strengths discovery and action-planning guide)
* Your top 5 theme report, built around the new strengths insight descriptions * 50 Ideas for Action based on 1000s of best practice suggestions we reviewed * A strengths discovery interview that helps you think about how your experience, skills, and knowledge can help you build strengths * A strength based action plan for setting specific goals for building and applying your strengths in the next week, month, year *


* Select jobs that allow you to have the leeway to work as hard as you want and in which you are encouraged to measure your own productivity. You will feel challenged and alive in these environment. *

* As an achiever, you relish the feeling of being busy, yet you also need to know when you are “done”. Attach timelines and measurement to goals so that effort leads to defined progress and tangible outcomes *

* Remember to build celebration and recognition into your life. Achievers tend to move on to the next challenge with out acknowledging their success. Counter this impulse by creating regular opportunities to enjoy your progress and accomplishments. *

* Your drive for action might cause you find meeting a bit boring. If that’s the case, appeal to your Achiever talents by learning the objectives of each meeting area of time and by talking notes about progress toward those objectives during the meeting. You can help ensure that meetings are productive and efficient. *

* Continue your education by attending certifications in your area or specialty in addiction to attending conferences and other programs. This will give you even more goals to achieve and will push your existing boundaries of accomplishment. *

* You do not require much motivation form others. Take advantage of your self-motivation by setting challenging goals. Set a ore demanding goal every time you finish a project. *
* Partner with other hard workers, Share your goals with them so they can help you to get more done *
* Count personal achievements in your scoring “system”. This will help you direct your Achiever talents toward family and friends as well as toward work. *
* More work excites you. The prospect of what lies ahead is infinity more motivating than what has been completed. Launch initiatives and new projects. Your seemingly endless reserve of energy will create enthusiasm and momentum. *

* Make sure that in your eagerness to do more at work, you do not skimp quality. Create measurable outcome standard to guarantee that increased productivity is matched by enhanced quality. *

(Working with others who have Achiever)
* Establish a relationship with this person by working alongside him. Working hard together is often a bonding experience for him. He is annoyed by “slacker”

* Ask questions as “How late did you have to work to get this done?” or “ when did you come in this morning”. He will appreciate this kind of questions.

* Seek work in which you can make your own decisions and act on them. In particular, look for start up or turnaround situation. *
* At work, make sure that your manager judges you on measureable outcomes rather than your process. Your process is not always pretty *
* You can transform innovative ideas into immediate action. Look for creative and original thinkers and help them more their ideas from conceptual theory to concrete practice. *
* Look for areas that are bogged down by discussion or clocked by barriers. End the stalemate by creating a plan to get things moving and...
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