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Topics: Communication, Employee benefit, Graphic communication Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: March 7, 2013
To:Diana Donnley, Director of Employee Communication
From: Noah Meyer, Employee Communication Manager
Date:March 11, 2011
Subject: Encouraging Whirlpool employees to participate in the yearly physical

In response to your request for communication advice regarding the employee wellness program. To increase employee and spousal participation in this program, it is important provide information on the program to the employees in a direct and easily understood manner. In the past, the program's major obstacles in being successfully implemented seems to be both convincing employees that this is for their benefit, as well as encouraging them to involve their spouse in the program. I will be outlining some basic communication strategies that will focus on informing the employee about the benefits of the program for them and their spouses while confirming the confidentiality of the screening.

When communicating with employees, it is important to focus mainly on the benefits provided to them in a direct manner. The news of this program will be positive, allowing the employees to choose to enroll based on the benefits described. Emphasize the positive effects that good health can have on their personal lives as well as careers. You can also briefly mention how it strengthens the company, but it is important to keep the tone of the communication focused on employee benefits. To quell fears that the information gathered during the physicals could be used to assess the value or longevity of employees, make sure to point out that the company doctor is bound to confidentiality. Also make it clear that Whirlpool does not keep any record of physical results. Describe what tests the physical actually entails. Lastly, emphasize that the program is completely free and enrollment is encouraged.

The information should make it clear how to enroll both one's self and spouse in the program. If the information is focused on the benefits provided to the employees, it...
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