Strategic Marketing Plan of Frito-Lay

Topics: Marketing, Frito-Lay, Snack food Pages: 10 (3377 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Thrive Consultants
10, Hill Road, F-6/3
Islamabad, Pakistan
Anindita Mukherjee
Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer
Frito-Lay North America
7701 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX

Dear Ms. Anindita Mukherjee,

We are pleased to submit you the report you requested on September 21, 2012. The report is entitled “Strategic Marketing Plan for Frito-Lay”. This report provides information of current and potential target market for Frito-Lay. This document consists and concentrates on the existing marketing strategies and recommends strategies to improve the current status of Frito-Lay. After carefully analyzing all aspects we have come to know that Frito-Lay has a excellent market potential. By doing effective market research, we have devised several strategies that could be implemented to improve the existing market. In reading his marketing plan, you will be informed regarding the target market, product enhancement, pricing strategies, promotional strategies and channels in which to distribute the product to ensure its success and profitability. We believe that the proposals and recommendations will be of worth to your prestigious company and provide you with a effective strategy by which Frito-Lay can soar and gain a competitive advantage in the market. We appreciate working with a well regarded company as yours and this report offers you valuable information that can be used to benefit Frito-Lay, improve its current situation and be a priceless asset in the long run. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us at Thrive Consultants.

Yours Sincerely,

Xivraiz Ayaz
Executive Director
Thrive Consultants

Strategic Marketing Strategy For

Orientation Project: Assignment 1
Dated: September 21, 2012

Submitted By: Xivraiz Ayaz
Roll no: 1406-111330
Course Leader: Saqib Riaz
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Executive Summary:i
Current products:2
Current Marketing Strategies:3
Product Differentiation:5
Potential Markets and Strategies:6
Three Levels of Product:8

Executive Summary:
Thrive Consultants were engaged by Frito-Lay to study the current market of their prestigious company and respond with a report that suggests the potential strategies it can acquire to safeguard its market leadership in the snack food industry and improve its status by various marketing techniques. The aim of the report is to point out the current marketing strategies of Frito-Lay on its existing products, its current strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. This report gives a detailed inlay about what this company is lacking and recommendations on how to improve its current marketing strategies and product portfolio. It suggests Frito-Lay different techniques that can support the company to meet its objectives. The report also informs Frito-Lay about the potential marketing strategies it could undertake to diversify its market, increase its sales and profits and give it a competitive edge against its competitors. It also provides the company suggestion on how to penetrate potential markets and industries and also recommends efficient marketing mix techniques for it. Though, to implementation of the strategies recommended in this report will need extensive research and development, training exercises and secure social media. Frito-Lay would have to incur high costs in order to strengthen its position in the current and potential markets. This process is costly in the short run but would be very profitable and beneficial for Frito-Lay.

Frito-Lay started as two different companies. The Frito Company and H.W. Lay & Company. The Frito Company was founded by Mr. C.E. Doolin who purchased a packet of corn...
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