Strategic Marketing

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Strategic Marketing
Lauren Hartshorn
Grand Canyon University: LDR 620
October 31, 2012

Strategic Marketing
A successful strategic marketing process must be thoroughly developed prior to implementation. A strategic marketing plan according to Vega & Rojas (2010) is “to assign and to coordinate effectively the marketing activities and resources in order to achieve the company’s goals or strategic mission" (p. 3). The strategic plan must include target goals consistent with the company's mission statement, a plan for implementation, and a process for controlling and correcting deviations. Target goals are met by identifying marketing segmentation, which is targeting a specific market for a particular service or line of products (Weinstein, 2004). Quality and customer satisfaction are built into the program. "Quality – the best guarantee of consumer loyalty, the strongest measure for defense and competitiveness, the only way that helps to hold the continuous economic growth and high income" (Sliziene & Vaitkenen, 2003). Decentralizing management control will engage the employees, empowering them to take accountability and control over individual, team, and organizational goals (Daft, 2009). Decentralization leads to a customer-driven organizational culture that provides high quality goods and services. Company Mission

The mission statement guides the actions of the organization and spells out to customers its overall goal. The strategic mission determines the firm's external focus in terms of what will be produced and marketed (Gomez-Mejia, Baklin, & Cardy, 2008). It is the decision-making guide for the employees. A company should analyze its current procedures and areas for improvement and include these in their mission statement (Daft, 2002).

The planning process for the marketing strategy includes many factors. Companies should consider a market audit to give the plan direction. Any analysis...
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