Strategic Management Assignment

Topics: Strategic management, Management, SWOT analysis Pages: 14 (2850 words) Published: December 18, 2008


SESSION 2008/09 – DIET 1

Module: B3115 TITLE: Strategic Management

Aims of the assessment:

• To examine the role of strategic management in planning an organisation’s future development. • To develop knowledge and practice in the application of strategic management concepts and techniques. • To develop analytical, evaluative and enterprise skills/competences associated with the formulation of organisational strategy.

The learning outcomes assessed in this assignment include the student’s ability to:

1. Understand and apply a range of strategic management principles/concepts and contribute to the development of strategic options. 2. Critically evaluate how analysis of the external and internal environments of an organisation influence strategic choices. 3. Identify and critically assess the nature and sources of sustainable competitive advantage within a specific sector. 4. Assess the appropriateness of different levels of organisational strategy in relation to overall objectives. 5. Demonstrate the capacity to assess the needs, resources and changes implied by the potential implementation of strategic options within a specific organisational context. 6. Identify and examine the processes and resources required to address long term strategic challenges in pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage.

Assessment Task

Select an organisation upon which to undertake a detailed strategic review of its position and potential future development. Based on this organisation, prepare a management report which addresses the following:

• Undertake a comprehensive strategic analysis of the organisation’s internal and external environments.

• Based upon the strategic analysis, develop a detailed SWOT analysis of the organisation’s current position.

• From the SWOT analysis, identify and critically appraise the nature and possible implications of ONE specific strategic challenge/issue facing the organisation which may either enhance or impede its future competitive advantage/strategic position.

• For the strategic challenge/issue appraised, identify and evaluate a number of potential alternative strategic options which the organisation might consider to address it. From the evaluation, select an option and then develop an outlined proposed future strategy upon it to address the challenge/issue.

• For the proposed strategy, identify and critically review a range of key implementation and change factors which the organisation might be advised to consider in managing this strategic development.

In undertaking this assessment task, you MUST take account of the following instructions/guidance notes and all other information detailed within this assessment document.

Instructions/Guidance Notes:

In selecting the organisation to base the report upon, choose one that will have extensive information relating to it freely and readily available, for example, in the business/financial press, company reports, industry/market surveys and other such sources. The assignment might be focused at the organisational level (e.g. Sony, Hilton, Nokia), or at a division/strategic business unit level of the organisation (e.g. Sony’s Games Division). If a small business is selected, be aware that information relating to it may not be as extensive or publicly available; you must still ensure that a comparable range of data is accessible, via other sources, which can be utilised and referenced within the report.

The actual structure and indicative content of the management report should be based upon the following main sections:

• Title page – Stating the author’s matriculation number, title of the report, date and word count.

• Table of Contents – A list of the main section headings and sub-headings covered in the report along with associated section and page numbers.

• Introduction – A brief, but...
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