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Case Analysis:
What is Strategic Human Resources Management and how does it link the people with the strategic needs of the business?

What is Strategic Human Resources Management and how does it link the people with the strategic needs of the business?

An organization cannot build a good team of working professionals without good human resources. The key functions of the human resources department are not simple. “The purpose of human resource is to hire, train and develop staff and where necessary to discipline or dismiss them” (Webster, 2008). Through effective training and development, employees at he or she respective company will provide the ability to achieve promotion within the company and reach their full potential. However, strategic human resource is a practice that allows the decisions and actions, which concern the management of employees at all, levels in the business, and is related to the implementation of strategies directed towards sustaining competitive advantage. Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of linking the organization’s human resource practices to strategy that leads to greater performance. In the case study by DeLong, Tandon, and Rengaswamy (2006), Infosys is a company that was started with six Indians that wanted provide a lower value software. They’re faith, shared values, and beliefs help created a great business. As the years progress the company became successful with their software. Instead of having one client, the company grew tremendously to sell software overseas. This created an opportunity to hire employees. Most of the company’s employees were college or former college students. Infosys created a more “fun and meaningful atmosphere” for their employees, since the average age was 26 years old. The idea behind strategic human resource is to be an ear for the employees. They provide the resources that employees need to provide great service. The human resource department took the...
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