Infosys Case Study

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Case Study Infosys Strategic Human Resource Management
Kaplan University
October 31st, 2011

In October 2006 Harvard Business Review article entitled, Infosys: Strategic Human Resource Management” discusses the rapidly expanding computer software giant and the challenges it faced in maintaining its high performance and employee satisfaction. In this article, the company’s strategy regarding strategic human resource management was evaluated. This case study was written based on the information gathered from this evaluation and is based on three parts. The first part identifies the major issues preventing Infosys from achieving its goal to regain its top ten ranking for best performing company and best employer. The second part address the strategies the company chose to mitigate the issues identified. Finally, it will conclude with a summary of the analysis. Reasons Infosys Employee Satisfaction was on the Decline

Infosys expansion rate exceeded the human resources available at the time. Despite this fact they continued to grow but had difficulty managing the expectations and communication of the new employees. As the company grew so did so did its inability to squelch the increasing diversity and disparity of an increasing number of employees. Strategic Management

Jeffrey Mello presents Strategic Management in five distinct steps. (1) Mission Statement (2) Analysis of Environment (3) Organization Self-Assessment (4) Establishing Goals and Objectives (5) Setting Strategy (Mello, 2010). Infosys was challenged in following the steps in the strategic management process regarding its relationship with employees due to its rapid expansion. Once the process of strategic management steps are understood and followed sequentially the organization can align itself with the stakeholder’s objectives. If any of the steps are not followed or the employees do not buy into the goals or the communication is not successfully accepted, aligning the strategy with the...
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