Strategic Analysis

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Final Paper
Strategic Management

REGUS Strategic Analysis

Student: Ivashkin Dmitriy

Verified by: Jiří Vicek

Field of Business

Regus is the largest provider of flexible workspace.

The list of Regus services is really huge. The main field of Regus business is providing of office space including office furniture, techniques (PC’s, IP-telephony, Fax’s, Copy machines and etc.), IT infrastructure (internet, IP, video conference etc.) and even reception. The infrastructure of business solutions proposed by Regus has great success because of paying attention to details like singing the contracts with stationery companies.

This is the list of main Businesses of Regus:
* The Day Offices. You can use the office for a day when and where you need it. You can get access to 1200 Business Lounges around the world. * Disaster recovery. Relay on the Regus at the moment of disaster. Regus will help you to keep your Business running even if facilities fail of natural disaster happens. * Equipped office. Described above.

* Meeting Rooms. Regus have got 4000 meeting rooms in 550 cities across 95 countries.
Business Network
Regus presented in 550 the most popular in Business sphere cities located in 95 countries around the world. Total amount of business centers is approximately 1200. As said on the Regus web page:” In today's highly dynamic and globalized economy our unique flexible terms mean your business can be as nimble as you need it to be”. And it’s true. Czech Republic local branch

Regus proxyship in Czech Republic is not so huge as can estimate, but huge enough to satisfy customers needs. Regus have got part of “Barcelo” Business canter as a “Training Room”, E.M.E.A. R.S.C. (Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Regional Service Center) located in “Empiria Tower”, “Zlaty Andel” with “Prague city center” and “City Center” as operating Business Canters. Regional Service Center is including few departments, like Accounts payable, Pay Roll, Account Receivable, HR department and Recruitment department. Strategic Analysis

PESTL Analysis

The political situation in Czech Republic is very stable, especially after joining the European Union. Successful integration in EU allowed Czech Republic achieve the huge level of political balance. No subsidies or indulgence from government are not provided to Regus.

Economics situation don’t let Regus Management expect some irregular contour of Business making. Stable currency exchange rate and reliability of all Czech Crone institution let make long term financial planning with high accuracy and manage cash flows inside the company with low risk. (Possibly these points can be related with Political part of analysis too). The means of Regus “production” are just office utilities. It’s the only factor which cans influent on the costs change. Because the labor relations are hardly managing by Czech government in one hand and Regus HR in other, it means that the most expensive asset of Regus – employers will cost to Regus more or less predictable amount of money. As a result low coefficient of unpredictable change of the costs.

Prague is the center of the Europe, great location for making the serious international Business. It means that few tens of big multinational companies has branches of regional proxyship in Prague, as a result huge amount of people with international experience from Junior to Senior level. For Instance my line manager was Major Manager in HP and P&G. Next positive factor is high level of education in Prague for low price (comparing with other EU countries), it attracts hundreds of students from the globe, who can be helpful with socio-cultural experience and native language support. For instance, in Regus works a lot of people from different countries, Czech, Slovak, American, Mexican, French, Britain, Russian, Spanish etc. I helps a lot with other countries...
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