Stp Analysis of Unilever

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Table of content
Sl| Topic | Page|
1.| Introduction| 3|
2.| Mission & Vision| 4|
3.| Market Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning of Sunsilk| 5-8| 4.| Advertisement Analysis of Sunsilk| 9-10|
5.| Competitor Analysis of Sunsilk| 11-12|
6.| Market Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning of Taaza| 13-14| 7.| Advertisement Analysis of Taaza| 15-16|
8.| Competitor Analysis of Taaza| 17-18|
9.| Market Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning of Fair & Lovely| 19-20| 10.| Advertisement Analysis of Fair & Lovely| 21-23| 11.| Competitor Analysis Fair & Lovely| 24|

12.| Market Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning of Lux| 25-27| 13.| Advertisement Analysis of Lux| 28-29|
14.| Competitor Analysis Lux| 30|

Unilever is a British–Dutch multinational consumer goods company. Its products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. It is the world's third-largest consumer goods company measured by 2011 revenues (after Proctor & Gamble and Nestle) .Unilever is a dual-listed company consisting of Unilever N.V. in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Unilever PLC in London, United Kingdom. Both Unilever companies have the same directors and they operate as a single business. The current non-executive Chairman of Unilever N.V. and PLC is Michael Treschow while Paul Polman is Group Chief Executive. Unilever brands are trusted everywhere and, by listening to the people who buy them, they are grown into one of the world's most successful consumer goods companies. In fact, 150 million times a day, someone somewhere chooses a Unilever product. At Unilever there is aim to help people in their daily lives. So they keep developing new products, improving tried and tested brands and promoting better, more efficient ways of working. They have a portfolio of brands that are popular across the globe - as they’ll as regional products and local varieties of famous-name goods. This diversity comes from two of their key strengths: * Strong roots in local markets and first-hand knowledge of the local culture. * World-class business expertise applied internationally to serve consumers everywhere.                   Focusing on performance and productivity, they enctheirage their people to develop new ideas and put fresh approaches into practice. Hand in hand with this is a strong sense of responsibility to the communities they serve. They don't only measure success in financial terms; how they achieve results is important too. They work hard to conduct their business with integrity - respecting their employees, their consumers and the environment around them. Unilever is one of the world's leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods.

Mission & Vision
In the last five years, they have built of their business by focusing on their brands, streamlining how they work, and improving their insight into the evolving needs and tastes of consumers. Now they are taking the next step in simplification - by aligning their selves around a clear common mission. Their vitality mission will focus their brands on meeting consumer needs arising from the biggest issues around the world today – ageing populations, urbanization, changing diets and lifestyles. They see growing consumer need for:

* a healthy lifestyle
* more variety, quality, taste and enjoyment
* time, as an increasingly precious commodity
* Helping people to feel good, look good and get more out of life will enable them to meet these needs and expand their business.         Their pillars of their vision set out the long term direction for the...
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