Dove Case

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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* In the 1950s Dove established the market positioning of being unique and differentiated itself from other normal soap bars, which leave the consumers with dry skin after usage, by coming up with a bar that moisturizes the consumers` skin after usage with inclusion of one-quarter cleansing cream. * It aimed to become a masterbrand in February 2000 to extend its category beyond the beauty bar category, such as deodorants, hair care products, facial cleansers, body lotions and hair styling products. * Dove went from advertising the products` functional benefits, to promoting Dove`s stand for a point of view. * The idea behind this campaign was that Dove wanted to change the way society views beauty and provoke discussion and debate about real beauty. * However, the problem with this was Dove was basically saying that beauty industry was portraying an unattainable and stereotypical image of beauty, and yet they themselves are in the beauty industry. * In 2007 Dove changed its market position from promoting the competitive edge that it has by being unique and different to holding a `rebellious` point of view that made the consumers think from a whole new perspective. This point of view created a personal connection with the consumers and enabled Dove to take power in the pop culture. * Before 2000, Unilever offered multiple brands within a product category, each led by a brand manager. Each brand operated as a separate business, competing with its sibling products as well as products of other firms. * However, the corresponding structure after 2000 saw Unilever splitting the responsibility for a brand between two groups, one charged with development of the brand and the other charged with building the brand in specific markets. * Brand Development: took responsibility for developing the idea behind a brand, for innovation, and for evolving the idea into the future. It developed the brand plan and was usually located in the...
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