Stop Smoking

Topics: Smoking, Lung cancer, Nicotine Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: December 11, 2012
To quit smoking is one of the most important measures one can take to eliminate a possible cause of death. Estimates say that about half of the people who don't quit smoking will die of smoking-related health issues. While the health benefits are numerous, there are several other reasons to quit smoking.

The following are some reasons why you should quit smoking.

Money is a great motivator, and you will save tons of it if you quit smoking. It may surprise you to know that you'll probably be able to afford a cruise from the money you'll save in a year. A typical pack a day smoker spends over £112 a month and nearly £1,500.00 a year! You'll also save money on dry cleaning and don't forget that smokers pay higher health insurance premiums.

Physical Benefits
There are many obvious physical benefits of quitting smoking. Your breath and clothes will no longer smell of smoke. Neither will your teeth and fingers be stained brown with nicotine. Smoking also ages you, so quitting will help you keep the wrinkles at bay for longer. Women smokers will love that their lipstick will no longer get smudged.

Social Benefits
Among the social benefits are that you will no longer have to go outside a restaurant for a smoke between courses. You won't stress about whether your date is bothered by cigarette smoke or be subjected to talk about what it's like to kiss an ashtray. You will no longer have to waste time looking for a smoking area everywhere you go. Nor will you have to pull off the road for a smoke. Also, you can say bye-bye to those nicotine fits during flights.

Health of Family
The health of your family and friends is compromised by passive smoking, which is inhaling second hand smoke that you breathe out or that your cigarettes give off. A smoker's kids are at an increased risk of developing ear and respiratory infections. If you quit, your spouse will be less likely to develop heart disease or lung cancer. You will also save your unborn child from...
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