Four Steps to Quit Smoking

Topics: Lung cancer, Medicine, Epidemiology Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: June 27, 2010
There are four steps to quit smoking. The fist step is to be aware that smoking is very harmful for your health. Smoking can not only cause a lung cancer but it can also be responsible for hurt or skin diseases. The second step is to start healthy life. Try to eat a variety of green or red vegetables because it was proven that that kinds of vegetables help our immune system to react better in every disease and with no doubt smokers needs a healthier immune system. Also start exercising to look healthier and attractive and as a result you will increase your self esteem while you will decrease smoking. The next step is to read books about the smoking damages in our health. Reading this kind of books will help you to spent your time creatively while you will be surprised of the new things that you will learn about smoking and its bad effects in your organism. You will be exposed to pictures with healthy lungs and damaged lungs of smokers and non smokers persons and you will regret that you have been a smoker. The final step is to spent your time to your hobbies. Go clubbing with your friends, go to the cinema to watch the new movies that you are interesting in or invite friends to communicate with your friends and forget you need to smoke. As soon as you follow these steps, you will probably quit smoking or at least reduce it.
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