Sterepotypin and Prejudice

Topics: Stereotype, Prejudice, Discrimination Pages: 8 (1846 words) Published: January 5, 2013
As we have seen, a person’s identity cannot be summed up in just one label. Often though we tend to concentrate on limited or disorted aspects. This is because the responses of different human groups to each other are the product of a complicated system of social relations and power. To discover some of the mechanism at work, we need to examine the role of stereotypes and prejudice. Prejudices and stereotypes are schemes that help us to understand reality. Stereotype and Prejudice are two types of beliefs about different classes of individuals. These two types of beliefs show considerable difference between them. Stereotyping and prejudice are not the same thing, but are somewhat linked to one another[1]. In everyday language it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between stereotypes and prejudices. We absorb prejudices and stereotypes about other cultural groups sometimes unconsciously, but they come from somewhere and they serve many purposes : - To help us evaluate our own cultures

- To evaluate other cultures and ways of life
- To govern the pattern of relationship our culture maintains with other cultures - To justify the treatment and discrimination of people from other cultures

Another way to explain prejudice and stereotypes in daily interactions by Alexander Thomas : function of prejudice in the social context:
Function of Orientation :
- fast orientation in the complex world
- easy to categorize persons and objects
- people seek for control
Function of Resistence :
- possibility to a fast adaption to living conditions
Function of Resistence :
- prejudice as protection against guily feelings
- because of depreciation of other there is an increase of self-evaluation Function of Self Expression :
- if prejudice is required or shared by the society
Function of Identity :
- prejudice you share with other people promote a strong solidarity Function of Justification :
- prejudice justify the behavior control

Development and Structure of Prejudice and Stereotypes

|Social Attitude | |Emotion |Cognition |Behavior | | |Stereotype | | | | |Prejudice | |Typed reaction of feelings |Typed knowledge |Typed reaction of behavior | |- denegation |- Lazy |- Avoid somebody | |- mercy |- uneducated |- attack sb. With words | |- embarassed |- criminal |- agression | |- fascinated | |- sceptical |

At this point we want to related anxiety theory with stereotype and prejudice as we know, consequences of stereotype threat can contribute to educational and social inequality of some groups including ethnic minorities in academic environments. Research has shown that stereotype threat can harm the academic performance of anyindividual for whom the situation invokes a stereotype-based expectation of poor performance....
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