Implicit Learning-Project Implicit Test

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  • Published : December 11, 2010
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Priscilla T. Huley
Social Psychology
Homework Two
Dec. 6, 2010

In order to prepare for this assignment, I was required to do some research about implicit attitudes, stereotypes, and prejudice. I also had to open my mind and be prepared to learn some things about my own personal hidden biases. Before I took the Implicit Attitude Test, I learned the definitions of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Stereotypes are defined individuals’ beliefs that members of a group share particular attributes and negative stereotypes can provide the basis for prejudice and discrimination. Prejudice is a having a negative attitude towards member of a group. Discrimination is simply aggression towards people because they are members of a specific group. Armed with this information, I began my journey into finding out my own personal hidden biases.

I took the age and sexuality Implicit Attitude Test (IAT). I received results for the age IAT that stated I moderately prefer young people to old people. I received results for the sexuality IAT stating I made too many errors to obtain results. I believe that these results were accurate in reflection of my biases and prejudices. I believe my results were accurate because I consider myself to be a young person and although I know that older individuals have lived longer and therefore have a great deal of wisdom to share I prefer to be around young people. I hold this preference because I can relate to them more. In reference to the sexuality IAT, I believe took the test twice and both times I received results stating that I had made too many errors to obtain results. I can openly admit that I experienced a great deal of difficulty when taking this test. This was due to the word combinations being switched around. Initially the words good/ straight were a combination and gay/ bad were a combination. I became familiar with this trend. Therefore, when the combinations were switched to straight/bad and gay/good I mentally...
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