Stereotypes of Female Teacher

Topics: Psychology, Childhood, Emotion Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Stereotypes of female teacher

It is often thought by many that women will tend to have a more caring nature. In this way, it is true and can be very useful. The student needs someone that they can rely on, someone they feel will listen to them and whatever worries they have. Men can be a lot harder to approach on this subject, and therefore female teachers tend to be preferred in this regard. Of course, there are going to be exceptions but this would tend to be the general impression that many will leave behind.

Many women are viewed as having an innate maternal instinct. Not every woman is going to agree with this, but overall women will have a much different method to dealing with children than men will. A lot of kids might even consider their teacher to be something of a mother figure, and therefore this can be very important.

Some genders are viewed as having more competency in certain subjects than others. Often, it is seen that men tend to go for the more logical aspects of learning. This includes the likes of science, engineering and mathematics whereas women tend to be more interested in abstract arts, such as history and language. Then again, there is a lot of logic involved in the teaching of grammar itself. Women might be more able to teach abstract concepts to students.

Women are also seen as being a lot more sensitive and once against this ties in with the likes of empathy and being able to connect emotionally with their students.

How childhood experiences affect adulthood.

We don't inherit our personalities but instead we develop certain traits as a result of the experiences we pass through in life. If a child was raised by an over protective family then he will develop fears and insecurities because of believing that the world is unsafe. Now when that child becomes an adult he will still have his fears and insecurities but he will display them in a different way. So our childhood experience affects our behavior and...
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