Women Are Better Teachers

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Do women made better to be a teacher? It is too subjective to be answered because some people may agree but some people do not. From the statistic shown by the Malaysia Ministry of Education on 30th June 2011, the number of female teachers are about 300000 while male teachers only consists of more than 100000. We may see that teaching profession been dominated by females especially in primary and secondary school. Nowadays, women are more being chosen to be a teacher because of their characteristics as well as their qualifications.

One of the reasons why female teacher do better than men is the caring nature. Being a teacher is not only educates your student but also nurturing them just like your children as they are like second mother of the students. So an innate maternal instinct help them easily deal with children. Besides that, female teacher who are like mother figure of students have high emotional intelligence that is empathy that help teacher to emotionally connect with the students and concern on students’ needs. They are able to sympathise a lot more with students and take a much more balanced approach which may not be done by male. Usually, students who are teenagers always need someone who they can rely on, by listening and accompany them because their parents are busy with their job and did not have time with their children. Some students are more comfortable sharing their problems with teachers rather than their friends. Male, on the other hand, will focus on a subject and teaching in the class and rarely asks about student’ needs.

Creativity is also the attraction of female teacher that make them better than male teachers. They usually will have a much different method to attract their students’ attention on the subject. They have a lot of ideas to motivate their students using creative and inspirational methods of teaching. They used many ways in order to ensure the students will like and understand about the...
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