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Stephenie Meyer Outline
Thesis: Born in Connecticut, Stephenie Meyer influenced the reading of teenagers and their imaginations through her works the Twilight Saga and the Host. I. Biography
A. Born
1. Hartford Connecticut
2. December 24, 1973
3. Parents are Stephen Meyer and Candy Morgan
a. Unusual spelling of name from dad.
B. Schooling
1. Chaparral high school
2. BYU
a. Bachelors from BYU in Literature
C. Gets married, has kids
1. 3 sons; Gabe, Seth, and Eli
2. Husbands name is Christian
D. Lives in Arizona now
1. Moved there when she was three
2. Bella lived there, incorporates her life into books 1. Bella’s mom lives in Phoenix
E. Officially became a writer
1. When she had “the” dream
2. Dream started the Twilight book, chapter 13
I. Two Major Works
F. Twilight Saga
1. Twilight
1. First book in the sage
2. Scored her a four book contract with Little Brown 3. $750,000
2. New Moon
4. Second book, Edward leaves
3. Eclipse
5. Third book, Edward comes back, Stand off with Victoria 4. Breaking Dawn
5. All made into movies, huge box office hit
G. The Host
1. Apart from Twilight completely, but still sold millions of copies 2. Wasn’t made into a movie
3. Not about vampires, completely different concept. II. Authors Impact
H. Allows teenager to enjoy reading
I. Explore their imagination
J. Shows what women should want in a relationship
Carly Rayburg
Mr. Ledbetter
English III
14 December 2011
Stephenie Meyer, Inside the Twilight Saga
Stephenie Meyer is a bestselling author known for her unusual vampire romances. She depicts vampires as more human-like, and less like the monsters they have always been seen to be. Her vampires sparkle in the sun instead of burn, and they are capable of love and not just hate. I chose her as my author because I absolutely love her books and really wanted to learn more about her. She is attacked by some critics and praised by others because she completely goes against everything that has been written before. She has billions of fans and haters worldwide. Born in Connecticut, Stephenie Meyer influenced the reading of teenagers and their imaginations through her works The Twilight Saga and The Host.

Stephenie Meyer was born on December 24, 1973, in Hartford, Connecticut. She is the daughter of Stephen Meyer, and Candy Morgan (Milliot 1). The uncommon spelling of her first name was a “gift from her father,” who simply added an “ie” to the end of his own name. She moved to Phoenix Arizona when she was four years old and grew up there (Gale 1). In the book Twilight, Bella’s mother lives in Phoenix, and this shows how Meyer incorporates her life into her books. She grew up in Arizona with 5 other siblings and believes “coming from a large family has given me insight into different personality types” (Gale Biography). This also shows how her life affects her books because in Twilight, the Cullen family is large, and all have completely different personalities. During her teen years, Meyer attended Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. She met her husband, Christian, at Chaparral High, but they didn’t get married until after she graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature (Jordan 2). She worked hard and her outstanding grades won her a National Merit Scholarship, which is a high honor (Gale Biography). Before even starting her writing career, Stephenie Meyer married Christian, who became an accountant, and chose to become a stay at home mom and look after her three sons; Gabe, Seth, and Eli (Jordan 1). This was until her life drastically changed on June 2, 2003 when she had...
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