True Betrayals by Nora Roberts

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January 26, 2011

A Very Romantic Writer

Nora Roberts was born Eleanor Marie Robertson. She was born october 10th, 1950, in Silver Spring, Maryland. Robert's fathers worked at a local movie theatre and her mom stayed at home. Roberts is the youngest of five children and the only daughter. She believes that having all brothers helped her to adapt to men early on in life. Roberts attended catholic schools most of her life, but attended public school as a sophomore in high school, she often credits the nuns who taught her for learning discipline. Roberts married young, at seventeen, to Ronald Aufdem-Brinke, and lived in Keedysville, Maryland. During this time, she had two children, Dan and Jason and worked as a legal secretary. She didn't excel at being a secretary and spent much of her spare time on crafts and sewing. Roberts was born into a family of readers and had realized a love for reading and making up stories. It was during a terrible blizzard that Roberts began to write, she began to write stories in her notebook while she was snowed-in. Many stories later, a career was born and after many attempts to start that career, her first book was published in 1981. Silhouette, a new publisher, had been looking for new authors and helped Roberts to publish her first book, Thoroughbred. All was well with Roberts until her marriage to Aufdem-Brinke ended in 1983. Not long after this, Nora was married again to her second husband, Bruce Wilder, in 1985. They accomplished much together, such as expanding their new home, traveling the world, and even opening a bookstore together. Things were looking up again for Roberts again as she began writing for Bantam in 1987. Five years later, Roberts moved to Putnam and began Baker 2

to write many books under Nora Roberts and J.D Robb. Since then, Roberts has written over 150 novels and has been accepted to many clubs and received many awards. Her most famous awards are those of the Gold Medallion awards and her success as being a founding member of the Romantic Writers of America, and the first to be inducted in their Hall of Fame. She is also a member of the following: Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Crime League of American Novelists, and Washington Romance Writers. More than being involved with other writers, Roberts loves her fans. While she likes to claim she's not sociable, shes not far from her admirers, she writes to her fans and always posts on message boards, hours on end. Her hard work and dedication pays off her her brilliant and unique stories. (BIO 1, Kloberdanz 2). Roberts writings are all very different but hold similar elements, all being good elements. Roberts began writing as J.D Robb in 1995, to capitalize the rate of production. Not only was this for production but for another genre, J.D Robb writes science fiction dramas and novels about futuristic cops. Some say this alter ego of Roberts shows a different style of writing, which once caused suspicion. Once the suspicion was overlooked, she became more respected. This gave Roberts writing a whole new perspective and showed the endlessness of her creativity. Among most popular is her detailed and unique romance novels that have the strong ability to pull readers in. Roberts novels are similar in the aspects that they almost always have a love interest but that they also always have some sort of mystery to them, a form of suspense. Her novels bring a sense of reality to readers but also make them believe in fantasy. These things can be quite contrary to one another but when Roberts involves the two, she creates magic. Roberts has a way of intriguing her readers by making them feel apart of the story, she does this with great detail and gives them a well wanted ending. In 2003, Roberts told the Washington Post “My people win, thats what people buy me for. They're not buying me to write King Lear”. Roberts also told them that she believes...
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