Restrepo Review

Topics: Tim Hetherington, Soldier, Restrepo Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Bryant Bradlee
Ms. Hayes
Hon. World Lit.
13 May 2013
Hell Has Some Perks
"As you leave the theater, you feel like you've been on a 90 minute deployment to the frontlines of Afganastan," said documenter Sebastion Junger. Fear, sorrow, stress, exaution; all emotions that soldiers try to exile to the lett frequented parts of their minds. The battle inside a soldier's head is just as real and difficult as the firefight he has to battle at the same time. However, a being a soldier is not just the pinnicle example of pain. Solidiers embrace the brotherhood they experience and adopt each of their brothers into their own family. Restrepo examplifies the struggle and suffering to the comradary and didication of the modern day warrior.

The documenters of Restrepo, Sebastion Junger and Tim Hetherington lived with the platoon of U.S. soldiers in the Korengal Valley, Afganastan for 15 months. The Korengal Valley was appropriatly dubbed the deadliest place on Earth. During the occupation of the valley 50 American soldiers were killed in action while others were seriously wounded. The mission of the American soldiers was to build a road through the valley to help connect it with other remote surrounding areas. However, with the location being a population of locals with generations of armed conflict as their history and the enemy's home base, this would be a unimagionably difficult task. Outpost Restrepo, where the name of this film comes from and was mostly shot, was named after a highly liked combat medic, PFC Restrepo who was killed in action shortly into the deployment. The documentorers take each loss to heart as much as the soldiers. "The filmmakers spent substantial amount of time with the platoon, seperatly and together, and achieved a rare intamicy with the day-to-day experience of the frontline men," commented movie reviewer Robert Sklar. (Skyler) Sebastion and Tim made the lives of the soldiers their own saying, "Our intentions were to capture the experience...
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