Statue of Liberty and San Diego

Topics: Statue of Liberty, New York City, Ellis Island Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: February 13, 2013
The best holiday ever
My best holiday was when I went to San Diego, California with my family. When my dad told me I was very exited, because it was going to be my first time in the United State of America. I took a month break of school and went to America with my family. I was going to see some members of my family, who I had never met before in my whole live. I was exited to see my family and on the other hand I was exited to see America. We flew in the morning. I can not tell why, but I have always enjoyed getting up in the morning and getting ready to drive to the airport. I can not explain the feeling I get, but there is one thing I know, it is a wonderful feeling. The flight was nine hours long. I was tired when we arrived in the airport in San Diego, California. We took our suitcases and left the airplane. I saw some people waving to us, I knew immediately that they were from my family. It was one of the best parts of the holiday. I had never met them before, so I was a little bit shy in the beginning, but I overcame the feeling, after we arrived at their home. The first day we relaxed because we were tired. The next day we went to museums and took a lot of pictures. There was a guide, who told us everything about the tings in the museums. It was instructive. I love to be at museums, that is the best thing I know. Some days after we went to the beach. It was a huge beach with thousands of people. There were people from Denmark, Germany and many other countries. It was the most beautiful beach I ever had seen. Our stay in San Diego was about 15 days long, and then we had plans to see our family in Michigan, Detroit. We bought some tickets and flew to Michigan. In Michigan airport, our family picked us up, I had not seen them before either. It was great to meet them. We did not do much that day, as the flight had made us tired. But the next day, we went to the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, which is in New York Harbour. I took quite a few pictures of...
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